Promotional Offer


  1. Any promotional offer that provides a discount in exchange for the recommendation of our services also known as our “Recommend a Friend”
    campaign will be applied as a credit to the renewal of your existing policy.
  2. A “Recommend a Friend” discount is only valid at the renewal of your existing policy. The credit cannot be used Mid Term or rolled over.
  3. In order for us to apply a “Recommend a Friend” credit to the referrer’s client record, the referred client must provide sufficient details of the referrer including all or a selection of the following details: Name, Postcode & Reference Number, and complete the purchase of a qualifying policy.
  4. A “Recommend a Friend” referrer will never be required to share confidential information in order for the credit to be correctly allocated.
  5. Due to data protection laws, we cannot share any information with a “Recommend a Friend” referrer regarding proposers that they believe they are due credit for. However, we can confirm the amount of credit that has been accrued on a referrer’s account.
  6. There is no limit to the number of “Recommend a Friend” referral credits a referrer may acquire. However, the amount of credit that can be applied cannot exceed the value of the referrer’s renewal premium, and any remaining credit that stands after the renewal of the referrer’s policy cannot be carried over to the new policy period.
  7. The “Recommend a Friend” offer can only be applied when the policy being purchased is a new policy and exceeds £600 and the referred policy must be on cover for a minimum of 3 months.
  8. If you choose not to renew your policy with Ace, your “Recommend a Friend” credit will expire with immediate effect.