Ace Insurance Services Group Ltd is an independent, market leading commercial insurance brokerage. We arrange high-quality cover and provide intelligent insurance solutions to UK businesses.

Commercial Motor Schemes

Due to our expertise within the Insurance market, we have direct access to commercial schemes designed for professional motorists. By professional we refer to motorists that share an enhanced motoring mentality stemming from a dependence on having their vehicle(s) on the road. We carefully select risks to ensure our clients’ benefit from being part of a collective of disciplined professional drivers. This astute approach enables us to negotiate with insurers to secure highly competitive rates on our clients’ behalf.

We understand and appreciate just how vital our clients’ vehicle(s) are to their businesses. For that reason, we have sourced a number of supplementary products that help to minimise the circumstances whereby a client of Ace might be rendered vehicle-less. We also do everything we possibly can to ensure that in the event of a claim our client’s vehicles are repaired or suitable replacements are supplied to them as a matter of urgency.

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